Elektro Medical Products

In 1986, Elektro Assemblies added medical devices and venous-puncture site clamping aids to our product offerings. As a result, we are proud to say that over the past 23 years our products have been utilized around the globe. Our main goal is to assist in the training of medical professionals and the care of dialysis patients.

The Vas-Clamp® venous-puncture site clamp is designed to gently compress the needle puncture site of dialysis patients, so care givers can attend to other priorities. Our Veni-Dot® Phlebotomy Training Arm and Ned-Chest® Catheter Installation Trainer are designed as cost effective, real life simulators. Elektro Medical’s products provide the opportunity for the practice and also the instruction of important patient care techniques.

*Items no longer contains IV bags due to COVID allocation restrictions.

You can learn more about our products by going to our product pages in addition to our online store. To speak with someone about Elektro’s medical product offerings, please call Katy at 651.385.2182 or email sales@acrotechis.com.

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