Vas-Clamp® Vascular Access Site Clamp

PageLines- box3.jpgIf bleeding after venipuncture is a concern, Vas-Clamp® Vascular Access Site Clamp will apply gentle pressure to the needle site eliminating the need for manual/digital pressure. Vas-Clamp® adjusts to individual patient requirements and frees staff for other tasks while needle site is gently compressed until homeostasis occurs. Vas-Clamps® can be sterilized and reused many times.

Vas-Clamp® is a durable, strong and adaptable needle site clamp which achieves faster hemostasis while saving staff and chair time. Vas-Clamp® relieves staff and patients of time-consuming and uncomfortable application of digital pressure.

Vas-Clamp offers

  • Pressure readily adjusts to individual patient requirements
  • Vas-Clamp® holds two needle sites simultaneously
  • Can be sterilized and autoclaved
  • Withstands repeated use
  • Adjustable cuff fits larger arms
  • Position Vas-Clamp® on either upper or lower arm
  • Vas-Clamp® assures maximum patient comfort
  • Effectively holds other types of arterial and venous puncture sites
  • Vas-Clamp® minimizes damage to grafts and fistulas while attaining hemostasis and the bright white visibility helps you to avoid the possibility of excessive or prolonged compression.

Gentle, non-crushing compression is diffused over an area larger than the needle site. Vas-Clamp® has easily positioned Velcro straps and smooth polypropylene cylinders which are completely sterilizable for maximum infection control.

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